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Day off

I had a good night sleep at Grand Lexis, Port Dickson attending my 2D1N team building. The kids are at their daddy’s place until today, I’m going to meet them after A’s dance class and H’s music playschool. It feels different. It feels like.. freedom, though I feel guilty saying this while visualizing my kids’ faces that I really miss.

Waking up to an empty bed two days in a row, I realize one thing.

Divorce or single parenthood can also mean that you get more time on your own. When I wrote Me time, it was as though I have less time than mothers who have their Abangs to help them with stuff. I guess now, it’s not necessarily true, and not so relevant for me to defend the need for cracked cheaper handphone, tabs or TV as an excuse.

It is actually, the time for the kids is spread differently when the parents don’t live together. For each parent, it’s like a full 24 hours shift and you’ll get one day off instead of working 12 hours and get a good night sleep.

I do, however, feel sorry for mothers/fathers who have long distance spouses, or spouses who don’t/can’t really cooperate in taking care of their kids. In that case, even married, they are still working 24 hours shift, and worst without having hardly any day off.

Mothers, in any circumstances, will do EVERYTHING for their kids and for that, my premise today shouldn’t be of any debate.

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