Cure the Impulse with a Ban

Nasty impulses

Have you ever wished to buy something but end up not buying it because you didn’t have enough money, or because you had more important things to buys? Or…

Have you ever impulsively bought one thing that was not-so-important when in fact, you had no money allocated for it?

Do you have a to-buy-list or shopping list, just waiting to be materialized once you have allocation for them?

Now, try to imagine yourself having a more controlled shopping desire. You will feel less stress and not affected by things you don’t have. You will save time and money. You end up having more money than your shopping list items. Or best, you have more money and nothing to buy. Goddd, now tell me is that even possible?

Yes, it is.

Try a shopping ban!

I used to keep things in stashes. Abayas of the same design and color. Babywearing gears more than the number of my kids, ughh. I have too many journals and notebooks that I even made a special Youtube video for my collections, most of them still blank two years later. I had a room full of clothing, like braided rivers between mountains of the kids’ toys.

I was easily obsessed with stuff and collecting them – being totally opposite of who I am now.

How do I do that? Turning myself from a collector to someone who has fewer things than average people. More importantly, how do I become happier not shopping and having less stuff?

When I started to discover the minimalism cult on the internet, one of my favorite blogs was Cait Flanders’. It was exactly the same time last year when I declared my one-month shopping ban, thanks to her blog.

Starting a shopping ban doesn’t mean that you can’t spend a dime on anything. Of course, you need to put an exception to groceries and consumable i.e detergent and toothpaste. You can also loosen up the rules to things that need replacement. Apply the ‘one in, one out’ rule if you really need to replace your worn out shoes or your only jeans that don’t fit anymore.

I can tell you It was hard at first but later, you’ll be fine not buying anything for many months. You will learn to control yourself from the impulse buy – you’ll spend less and save more.

Check out Cait Flanders’ post to know how to do your first shopping ban, and once you do, let me know your progress.

p/s: It’s the right time of the year, trust me.

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