COVID-19, Working From Home and Panic Shopping

Today I worked from home. I had two conference meetings, one in the morning and another in the evening.

Working from home can be fun, but the communication bit is painstakingly hard (even with all the technology). I can confirm that today was more tiring than a typical day at work, for I have to stay alert and conscious the whole time. It became more exhausting to prove people on the other side that these people at home were actually working.

Or perhaps, it is our first day after all.

In the evening, I had dinner outside and initially planned to get some food supply. (I’ve googled the apocalypse survival checklist) The supermarket and grocery shops are on a brace, attacked by those panic people (me, almost being one of them).

But I didn’t want to swim in humans, who knows they brought along COVID-19. So I just grabbed some bread from a bakery, also a pack of flour and some medicine from an old grocery place I guess nobody knows about – wrongly named, so old and ugly that the owner must be surprised people finally come to buy things from his place.

I need to drink water; my throat is feeling funny.

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