My Thoughts on Microblogging

What is a microblog?

It is actually just a blog with micro size posts.

The activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to a microblog is then called microblogging. Few sentences or a short paragraph, a photo with a brief caption, or a short video is what it takes to call yourself a microblogger/vlogger. With that, I believe it makes the most of us, whether we realise it or not.


The most famous platform for microblogging is Twitter. Anything you post on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr (anyone still using this?) on a regular basis revolving around the same theme is also considered microblogging.


Like books, we read blogs to learn from other people experience. We want to know the journey – if possible from zero, a scratch to a defined success. We love to be entertained and relatable. If you are a microblogger, bear this in mind while visualizing your audience.

Microblog is easy to write and easier to consume than a boring book and a full-fledged conventional blog content, that’s what makes a microblog (or can we just say Social Media) so popular and addictive.

 A good microblog that I will follow

Yes, first I will follow all my friends on social media. I will also follow any random account if it’s a microblog which has:-

  1. Authority in the things that I’m interested in i.e. #poetry #journal
  2. Consistency in posting content
  3. Human touch; so I don’t feel like I connect with a robot. Some engagement would be helpful

I hope my post today inspires some of you to share your thoughts and passions via microblogging.