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Category: Poetry

Tales crusher

Can’t you see already?

a girl, once got carried away by fairy tales

now going to ruin them for everyone,

with her poetry

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Two cups

That night between the sheet
Where the wind tasted sweet
The music was an old man
Watching their ground plan

The power to light her up
Just before his cigarette
The ash tray was a cup
A closure with regret

As bitter as dandelion weed
She wanted to be sad
A cup of coffee, her need
that he hated so bad

Writing prompt from the Malaysian Writers Community / Komuniti Penulis Malaysia FB Group
– the prompt, Bitter and Sweet

Oh well, I can’t seem to run away from ‘coffee and cigarette’ theme yet. Blergh.

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(Not) the one

You’re not the one
I first see, when I open my eyes
in the morning
Not the one
I sneakily text, at the office
Between meetings
Not the one
I call before and after lunch
To tell you what I’ve been eating
Not the one
I small talk to, after work
To share what I’ve been reading
But you’re the one
In every each word, everywhere
in my writing

And you know exactly
how much I love doing that
So thank you for being

where you need to be

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