Let’s Be Slow

Perhaps I am was an anxious person. Feeling easily overwhelmed. Feeling like there were too many things I need to take care of – work, kids, parents, friends, chores, my health. My dream.

It’s a sick cycle and the same routine everyday, of things to do, places to go and people to meet. Me feeling sick about them already tells that, not all of them sparks joy to me. And so, why do I keep doing them?

How about you?

Do you have so many things in your life? What’s the first thing to flash when you jump out of bed everyday? Are you excited for the day, or do you just grab your phone to scroll down social media for half an hour and already feel better to continue your day – your fast life as it is.


Experiment: Make Chores Fun by Multitasking

When I return home everyday from work, I tell myself that I will do chores as much as possible i.e. ironing, cleaning, doing last night’s dishes, mopping the sticky floor and cooking.

I also need to give the kids some mummy’s attention. This one doesn’t feel like a chore but I do struggle to stay consistent.

One day, I’ll sit down with my kids, reading story books, checking A’s homework, chatting and playing with them. We play house – I’ll be the Sonic while H will play Amy (the hedgehog characters) and A, he likes to ask me to watch Minecraft on Youtube with him.


Stop Thinking, Start Doing

How to start doing anything (and be awesome about it)

Have you ever feel stuck? Feeling like you’ve been staying at one one place for.. forever. It hits you hard and you start thinking about things you can do to get this feeling out. You know you can’t be stagnant for too long, it’s just not you because you’re more than this. You have so many ideas, and all the brilliant ideas. You will do this and go to that. You will learn this to start to be that. This, that, this, that.

There’s only one problem, you never do anything about it.

Ideas are nothing without execution but there’s you, feeling stuck and trying to erase the feeling with.. daydreaming! Good strategy.