Heavy-looking Commuter

With my phone in one hand and Nasi Lemak hooked to the other, I am always ‘heavy’ while commuting.

It’s already an art to balance yourself, standing in a crowded morning train especially if there is no handles, doors or poles that you can hold yourself onto.

A subtle war, and a real paradox of choice to decide how to stabilize in a sardine-d train.

Then, there’s a volume of me with a sling bag, a backpack, and headphones covering my ears.

The sling bang, however, is my only handbag – also being used for other whereabouts like the weekends’ outings, classes, events, weddings, and grand dinners. I slide the same sling bag to the front like the way people wear their pouch bags for the ‘rougher’ occasions like team building activities, jogging and hiking.

While the backpack is my only work bag, the bigger bag alternative, also being used as my travelling bag. It’s a bit small, but for 2-3 days travel, so far it is always sufficient.

I have few pairs of footwears – a pair of Bata slippers, Nike running shoes that I use for all sports activities except water sports because I love them, and this pair of semi-formal shoes that I’m wearing for office and whenever I feel the need to dress up.