Cure the Impulse with a Ban

Nasty impulses

Have you ever wished to buy something but end up not buying it because you didn’t have enough money, or because you had more important things to buys? Or…

Have you ever impulsively bought one thing that was not-so-important when in fact, you had no money allocated for it?

Do you have a to-buy-list or shopping list, just waiting to be materialized once you have allocation for them?

Now, try to imagine yourself having a more controlled shopping desire. You will feel less stress and not affected by things you don’t have. You will save time and money. You end up having more money than your shopping list items. Or best, you have more money and nothing to buy. Goddd, now tell me is that even possible?


Everything I Own

Who doesn’t like to read this kind of post from the minimalist? Here are my favourites from the famous ones:-

Counting your possessions is not about having x number of items to qualify yourself as a minimalist. It’s about being aware of your consumption. It’s about taking inventory of things around you – to sit down and think whether they serve a purpose or not. It’s learning about yourself, your needs and your lifestyle.


Happiness, by Wanting Less

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.(Socrates)

Going on board the minimalism journey, I was very afraid at first. Afraid that I will settle with lower standards in everything. Afraid that contentment will become a comfort zone for me to achieve more. Afraid that I’ll look extreme about it and become so alone because my lifestyle is a bit different from others. It got me thinking, am I just lazy ‘to want’ because I hate to think about the effort required. Can I survive with less stuff. Will I look ugly and poor?

It turns out, everything that I feared becomes the very opposite. Minimalism was not the horror story as I thought it might be. Once I started to own less, I also start to become happier. I start to become myself. It gets even better when I started to want less.