Minimalism – How to Start Today?

*This is a tiny (but the most important part) of my recent TEDx talk happening last Saturday. It’s a brief and practical guide to handle your clutter.

How you can start to practice minimalism in your life today?

Don’t worry because it doesn’t start with throwing away all your stuff. It starts with your mindset.

Start with assessing your life. Know your priorities and key values

List them down if you must.

Existing stuff

Question every item that you have around you. Touch everything you have and ask them, “What are you doing in my life? What value do you give to me? Do I really need you? Have I used you frequent enough?”

Sometimes you never realize that you still keep things that are broken and can no longer be used. Throw them away!

Things that are still good – you can sell or donate.

Potential wants/purchases

Also, question every item that you’re planning to buy.

The fundamental questions of wanting and owning stuff – Do I really need this? Is this really me? Is this just an impulse? Will it make me happy in the long run, or is it just the temporary adrenaline of buying new things? Am I doing this to compensate other lacking in my life? Am I doing this just to impress others or because I’m jealous of others?

Often, after questioning yourself, you will be happy to walk away.

Non-physical clutters

Minimalism is to be practiced not just with material possessions. Also question things that you do, your commitment, your routine, question how you spend your time and who you spend time with.

A life-long journey

The best approach is – if we can brutally eliminate other things that are not within our priority but I understand that it is not that easy. Narrowing down our priorities itself is really a journey. I don’t do it in one night.

But once you start, you can feel all the benefits and eager to practice it more.

Trust me.