Dealt with the Devil

Cleaned the entire house more than I usually could. Superpower.

Read a book. Impulsively purchased a magazine subscription, Granta. Read a short story there. Then, started reading another book. Productive.

Thoughts of death made me insomniac. Woke up from bed after struggling to fall asleep, performed two rakaat prayer because it felt like the last day of my life. Is it worth it to have superpowers when you have to go through cloud of black ponderings?

One and two are the pros. Three is the cons.

Ouh, four.
Writing this down (the morning after) was probably one of the residual effects, other than having showered too early which never happened in any other aspired morning routines.

The devil was the cup of coffee at work before I headed home. Coffee, which I actually had quit many months now – and this was not some specially brewed exotic blend with the 10 myr price tag per cup. This was just a cup from the free-flow vending machine at the office pantry, probably of Nescafe or kopi kampung premix that should cost less than 2.50 myr.

But I know now, whenever I need to boost my productivity (with readiness to face thoughts of death before bed), go to this cup of coffee.