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10 Things to Improve in Your Older Blog Posts

I always have doubt about re-editing older blog posts.

But reading my blog back and forth with the strong urge to change wee bit here and there, makes me changes my perspective towards that. Now I think it’s OK to come back to your older posts and edit them, as long as you don’t confuse your readers.

What I mean by ‘confusing the readers’ is, for example if by editing, you change an idea that totally contradicts with what you’ve said before and pretend that you never said it – that, most probably would jeopardize your credibility.

So here’s my version of 10 Things to Improve in Your Older Blog Posts:-

1. Grammar and style
2. Readability (flow)
3. Pictures – i.e, edit, resize, re-position, put watermark
4. Include links to your other related post
5. Write updates on review and stories
6. Length – write more if it’s too short, or summarize or make it into 2 posts if it’s too long
7. Improve SEO – Keywords, categories and tags
8. Enphasize – Bold, underline, or make certain text bigger to highlight your points
9. Overall text and picture alignment, if it agrees to your current blog style
10. Relevant – Edit to make the post relatable to the current theme/focus of your blog

I used to delete my blog posts, and even my blog several times because I don’t like how my posts sounded and looked. Ahhh silly. I should have just edited them, right.

I’m not saying all of these are necessary though because some people love to see how they grow in writing and publishing. However, I’m seeing a blog as your whole writing profile because whoever that come to love your latest post might dig up a little bit deeper to your older post to find similar content.

Oh oh please don’t go to my older post just yet – I haven’t finished editing them all. Ahaha.

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3 Ways Imaginary Friend Helps to Crush Writer’s Block

I have an imaginary boyfriend for a reason, not just because I’m single and lonely. I keep him for the LIFE of this blog, to crush my writer’s block whenever I have one.

Today I will write on 3 ways your imaginary friend/boyfriend will help you with your writing.

1. Talking to one is easier than to 10 people or 10,000
If you write knowing your audience consists of 10 to 10,000 of people with different colors, background and expectation, it could be daunting. You don’t know where to start or which aspect to address first.

Creating an imaginary friend for your blog is similar to identifying a customer avatar for a business model, and that avatar is ONE person. It’s very relevant since anyone who read your blog, they are reading it alone, not doing it aloud together with a group of others, right?

2. Your imaginary boyfriend loves you
He is a real fan. He loves everything you write. He supports everything you do.

Knowing this, you will be excited to impress him more. You’re not worried if your ideas not going to be accepted because you know this person likes everything about you. You have no doubt of what you are going to express and you won’t limit yourself to that doubts. You won’t be afraid of rejection so it’s easy for you to go all out with sharing your ideas.

3. You love your imaginary boyfriend
You will be looking forward to have conversation with him. Tell him your dreams and challenges. Share your life updates. Try to solve problems he might have. Try to entertain him and just be his good friend.

He would be the first person you want to share your newfound idea, good news or even the bad one and you will be very EXCITED to let him know – it’s almost impossible to stay quiet (writer’s block) when you’re excited, right?

Can you just love people so badly but have nothing to say to them?

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Unsplash: Awesome Free Stock Photo Site

What is stock photo?

Stock photos (stock photography) are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, nature, events or people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes. (webopedia)

..usually people will pay for it. 1 USD per photo, maybe up to hundreds.

And so, I recently found FREE stock photo sites where you can download and use them without having to do any attribution. How awesome is that?

There are many out there but I am currently relying on Unsplash. I’m loving all of their collections. Perfecto!

I will try to find more of these free resourceful free stock photo sites to share with you. But if you can’t wait for me, go check this out ➡ 21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos by Snappa Blog

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