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Ummi Qadeer

Tonight, other than writing this quick post, I spent the last 2 hours helping my sister Fathimah Azzaharah whom I call Kakak, with her Shaklee business blog.

Her blog titled, Ummi Qadeer

(Abdul Qadeer is the name of her third child and only son)

Helped her getting a domain and hosting, then migrated her blog from Blogger to WordPress. Also did some basic editing on her theme, configuring the widgets and navigation. It’s quicker this time, because I already know how to do it and when I’ve finished and showed her the final result, she said,

Best gila, suka sangat..

Aww #sparkjoy

I guess, I enjoy doing this thing so much – setting up blogs. That’s why I love doing changes back and forth and trying out different things on my blog. Now that I realise this, perhaps I should stop punching my own blog and channeling my energy into helping other people. And yes, I’m going to help a friend setting up her blog probably after the Eid. Can’t wait.

It’s fun ‘working’ with Kakak though we really just communicated through Whatsapp. Along the process, she was also in a war with her 3 kids. Kakak just started her blog for about 2 to 3 months and for a new blog, I can say that hers are pretty impressive in term of the content. Her consistency in writing about ‘one topic’ really inspires me. I should do that better.

But her formatting? Not so. My eyes ache and since now that I have her login ID and password, I might return to do some ‘standardization’.. #ocd. Getting a post formatted, aligned and nice is actually very therapeutic to me.

I’m officially my sister’s website support now.

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What to write/do

*While waiting for my sahur (pre-dawn meal)

As salamu alaykum and a veryy gooddd morning.

It’s Monday, and I’m already satisfied with how my blog looks like right now – no more going back and forth changing the layout and fonts (oh I love doing that), it’s time to write. It’s time to write, A’ishah.


Except that, I don’t know what I really wanna write anymore. It’s always a struggle for me to really write about just one thing. I guess it’s the same with any writers and anyone out there. Our minds wander and we wanna talk about everything. Possibly everything in our head. But when the pen meets the paper or the fingers meet the keyboard, everything vanished into thin air and we’re blanked.

And I’ve been giving it too long to think about how this blog is going to be shaped. The so-called ‘niche’ versus my temptation to write useless and pointless rant or daily updates nobody wanna hear about.

The recurring thought cycles inside and it leaves me with nothing to write.

I don’t know. It’s really hard just to start and it’s even harder to know if we start it RIGHT.

So, here are the things I’m preaching myself right now, and would like to share with all of you.


There are three things that you need to do in order to be awesome.

1. Know yourself
2. Pick one thing
3. Practice daily

After you’ve achieve the level of awesomeness that you’re satisfied with, you can repeat the process with the next thing you wanna be awesome at.

(and not doing many things at the same time, but not going anywhere with any of them blergh – to my face!)


Stop searching for the thing that you’re passionate about, or thing that you’re good at to focus on. Just, start doing something. Go DO. Execute!

Just start.


Stop saying you’re fine with not getting what you want, stop making excuses. Pursue the dream!

OK, that’s all for now. Bye. Have a nice day. Stay productive. Puasa baik-baik!

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Finally self-hosted

Yeay, I finally took the plunge to migrate from Blogger to and getting myself self-hosted. It feels so good to finally do it. I’ve been blogging for almost a decade now and I’ve already heard about self hosting quite a while but too scared to jump into it. I always thought, what if I’m not so serious about this and all the cost and effort would just be a waste.

But, it makes me realized that I never really went all out in ANY things that I’ve done. The fact that I really love writing and still hesitate to do the best for this blog, left me feeling unfulfilled.

It takes me more than a week to go through my blog post in Blogger, successfully downsized from 600+ to 45 posts, then bought a new domain and hosting, and finally proceed with the installation and migration.

It was pretty overwhelming but it’s not so hard as I thought it would be all this while. I did a lot of reading to understand how things work i.e. installation, dashboard interface, storage, bandwidth, plug-ins, and the most exciting but time-consuming, playing with the theme. Though the final look of it as you can see, is really, just very plain.

Yes, I was actually just tweaking a free theme, but it was quite hard because I need to hack certain things that can’t be customized (unless or until you buy the PRO version of it) I literally ‘yahooo!’ everytime I got the CSS Selector right and the elements successfully appear in the customizer. Super awesome! Just saved myself 200myr because I’ve told myself earlier that, if I can’t be satisfied by Monday, I’ll just buy a theme from Etsy and pay someone to edit and tweak it for me.

And so, this in the first post typed from this dashboard, welcome on board.

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