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3 Powerful Reasons to Take A Break

Whether you like it or not, burnout is real. Our mind and body have battery lives that need to be recharged like a dying phone or a car after kilometers of journey.

I am currently in a hotel room, writing this on a more comfortable chair than my workstation at home. Yesterday was a great day for me and my friends. It is a bachelorette gateway we’ve planned for Liyana, a lovely girl who is getting hitched in just a couple of weeks. Even though this is not for the sole reason to vacation from my hustle, this trip has changed my perspective about ‘rest’.

Why do we need to take a break?

1. Better health

Those who schedule vacations regularly have better health – a lower amount of stress and less risk of heart disease.

The ability to relax is important in effectively managing stress and anxiety. When we feel stressed, our bodies react with what is called the “fight or flight” response. Our muscles become tense, our heart and respiration rates increase, and other physiological systems become taxed (Dartmouth)

Breaks are important for mind and body to recuperate. The more we let ourselves relax, the better we manage stressful moments in our life, and the healthier our body will be.

2. Creativity

Our daily life is pretty much a mundane routine. Yes, we need to have an established routine and developed habits – it’s important for us to be consistent. As a result, our productivity will be gradually increased. However, once in a while we need to break the pattern to create a better pattern.

Seeing our lives in detachment encourages new ideas. Imagine ourselves flying high, leaving our life on the ground and see them from above in different views –

The scenery of palm oil on the way here – The deep conversation I had with my friends by the beach – The few seconds of bliss when I float myself into mushroom position in our private pool with cold night drizzles – The silent moment of the cold morning in a totally different place than my usual workstation where I’m writing this. Those little things bring new insights and revelations to me.

Taking breaks, seeing and doing something different create the space for energy and creativity to flow. Those who regularly take breaks have a better perspective on life and a greater degree of motivation in whatever they are doing.

3. Work hard, play hard(er)

We don’t live in this world just to work and be stressful about life, do we? Adults need play just how much as kids need it to learn.

Ever notice that kids always have new intriguing ideas. Kids play well, they play enough. They hardly feel tired, they have more energy and spirit to do fun extraordinary things, and do you realize what happened to them when they don’t play enough during the day – they become cranky, it’s like something is not right with their being.

Remember how we had different perspectives when we were kids. I bet, somehow we wish we still have that.

So, take a break. Go to places – different space, different ambiance, different routine. It doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation. Stroll around streets you’ve never been to. Explore the neighboring cities before you have the chance to explore further. Experience the things around you. Learn new random things. Meet new people. Have a hobby, or even hobbies – Play!

That’s all from me today. I’m going to wake my friends up now, we’re going for a hike after Subh (the morning prayer). Bye. Talk to you later.


ps: Today’s post is a collaboration with the lovely bride-to-be herself, Liyana! She has a blog, we talked about this yesterday, and we agreed to write about similar topics today. Check out her blog Sparkle of Solace to learn from her perspective.

Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson

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