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Let me tell you how it feels to secretly love someone who doesn’t know about it or doesn’t love you back.

The unrequited love.

You let her/him live in your mind and in your heart the way you want him to be. He’s beyond human, he’s nearly imaginary. He can stay perfect forever because there will be no circumstances that would change that.

He can also make mistakes. Once or twice, or more than that, then over and over again. You will go through the heart break as many times as you wish – they are still bearable. In fact, you might even be addicted to the pain because it’s not as bad as the silent love itself.

It’s the hardest thing to face every single day but it gives you strength and courage. You can’t be broken by other shit.

In the end you’ll be fine because as long as you keep loving, he will always be there. He can never go and it would never end because it never ever, even start.

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