Balancing Consumption

Sending my son to school every day takes at least 30 minutes.

Sometimes, that annoys me, to waste 30 minutes of my precious morning to traffic jam, as the distance is actually not so far if you measure it using a ruler.

I try to make it my me-time, or my mother-son bonding time depending on whether A wants to sleep or stay awake during the journey. Most of the time, he will be in his dreamland before I even start the car.

For that, I’m super grateful for the abundance of audio content at this age. In fact, audio content is what makes my chores at home super fun throughout tedious and excruciating tasks like washing the dishes, folding the laundry, and sweeping the floor.

Oh, now that I didn’t pick seismic line anymore, I remember how listening to podcast was the thing that saved me from the dread.

However, sometimes I do hate myself for the need for distraction.

Do I have to consume something all the time?

It’s the matter of how you define this. Consuming content while doing routine stuff could be mere multi-tasking. If I am just performing my responsibility without inserting things I enjoy in between, I could have been burnt out,

just being present in the moment is hard.

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