There was an incident happened at H’s daycare yesterday, haunting her all night – passed her bedtime and yes I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

A boy named Adam, also staying at the daycare was locked alone inside the car, probably happened at the split second when his mother went to the back to keep their stuff. The engine was running, meaning the car key was inside while the mother outside, panicking as hell. Who wouldn’t? If I were at her place, I’d be worried if the boy press the wrong pedal (and hit my car, parked in front of theirs. Oh did I say If I were at her place?) though the way I heard the boy crying hysterically I don’t think he would do that, but who knows.

We were passing H that time, finishing our small talk when the mother ran towards us and asked Cik Da, one of the babysitters to find something that could crash the window. Luckily, ‘we’ got a hammer from a neighbor, oh yes the daycare runs in a 3 bedrooms apartment so ‘we’ just knocked some other people’s door for help.

But God, the glass is so fucking strong it couldn’t be broken. The mother was terrified, she almost cried calling her son, trying to calm him down – that’s how I know the boy is called Adam. Then, I saw how crazy she banged her own new-looking car (hm I can’t recognise what model, I’m a bimbo like that, but it was a compact and I guess it has good safety, the window is hard to be broken.)

I’m not the curious netizen who would wait nearby for the scene, watching like I don’t have any better entertainment. So, I left to save my car and drove straight back home.

But H, she needed a closure. She kept asking me about Adam, whether he was safe or the car was damaged or whether Adam slept in the car alone the whole night. It’s very understandable because Adam is her friend at the centre. I’m such a cruel woman to let her know that Adam deserved it because he was naughty and couldn’t stay still while the mother was cleaning the car and settling down.

I am always a cruel woman in any way.

and for that, I’m lacking few hours sleep now, writing this on the train, ready for the boring job ever. Bye.

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