A Purchase Restarted My Depth Year

It’s only the end of April and I already broke one of my 2018’s resolution.

This is ugly. I preached about why people need to start the shopping ban while I was actually struggling to prevent myself from buying a new phone.

Who am I kidding? I totally forgot that this is my depth year.

The previous phone that I used was Xiaomi Redmi 4X and it works well. I love everything about it except few things.

(Consider this a quick phone review, a very honest one) Sometimes, it overheats when there are too many apps and tabs open. One day, the phone swelled a bit due to prolonged overheating and because of that, my phone is slightly bulkier than when I first got it.

Second, the audio recording is quite bad, it tends to cancel the signal whenever there is some loud background noise. I used to love taking videos and Instagram stories. But this bothers me so much that I no longer take videos anymore.

And lastly, the camera. The color production is of lower saturation. The stock camera apps has the option to increase the saturation but even with one level up roasts my kids’ faces. It’s a bit fake so I usually just post-edit using VSCO or Instagram editor.

To contain my desire, I read few articles that almost help me. Give them a read. Hopefully, it will help you.

(External link, and not sponsored)

However last two weeks, I surrendered to the temptation, secretly thinking to hide this purchase from my readers. To be honest, I’m a bit frustrated with my own self. I could have done self-control better. I manage not to buy any clothing, bags, and shoes for so long.

There are indeed many other things on my list that require a replacement, like my worn out office faux-leather shoes (that look so PVC-ish according to Harris). Instead, I just covered the shoes’ indentations with the Sharpie, feeling so DIY-savvy afterward. I could easily buy a new pair – it’s just not worth my time and energy to go shopping for them. Yo gal knows her priority!

But, the phone… Okay, okay.

Let’s make it this way, shall we?

I swear I will make full use of the phone and make it worth the buy. At the bright side, I have a functional and good audio recorder on my phone right now. If you follow my Instagram stories, you start hearing my kids’ voices all over again (and mine too, if that’s your thing)

Unfortunately with that, at this point – my depth year is restarted.

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