30 Life Lessons

It’s my birthday month. Guess my age? Duhh.

These are my 30 most valuable life lessons up to this point. (this might change next decade, who knows?)

Let’s get into them!

  1. You can do anything you want. You can try everything but choose few (one or two) to focus. Choose the right thing, know your calling. Do your best at those things, you’ll be great. Here’s how.
  2. If you can’t change the game, change the rules. Better, quit the game, play your own.
  3. Marriage is a contract. Love is a verb. Happiness sparks from within.
  4. To be beautiful is very important. We love by what we see, it’s shallow you might think. But good news – just like happiness, beauty also comes from the inside. To be beautiful is to be happy.
  5. Less is more. Less is better. Less is best. *pardon my English, it rhymes. Read more.
  6. Fear is always the fuel. It’s not necessarily bad.
  7. Education vs determination? Determination! Have both if you can. But the later is enough to burn the passion.
  8. The more you’re affected by other people and your surrounding, the harder it is to be in control. Learn to say NO. You own yourself. Your time is precious. Make only the good investments.
  9. Opportunity hides somewhere unpredictable. Sometimes, learn to say YES.
  10. You don’t need too many handbags, shoes and lipstick colors. You actually use less than you own.
  11. Writing things down makes you aware of your own thoughts. It’s a good method to recognize your thinking pattern.
  12. Often, the things we hate about others are the things we hate most about ourselves.
  13. You’re your worst enemy, learn to love and appreciate yourself more.
  14. It’s never too late to start anything!
  15. With time, you’ll realize how much time you’ve wasted when you’re younger. Stop regretting. Increase your productivity anytime, live NOW.
  16. Do more, but also do less to enjoy this life. We’re not robots. We deserve slow mornings, slow vacations, beautiful sunsets, cups of tea or coffee. Good cuddle on the bed with loved ones.
  17. Yes, we can do and enjoy more at the same time (if you have the right mindset)
  18. Don’t worry about what other people think or say about you. You win when you don’t care or talk back about them. Who has time for that? Only the Ls.
  19. Materialism and consumerism are the rat race’s handcuffs. They also encourage comparison that lead to low self-esteem. Never ending!
  20. Never compare yourself with other people. At least, cut that to the minimum. It’s OK to learn from others, but also acknowledge your strengths.
  21. Create more, consume less. By consuming, you’ll take more of what the society decides for you whereas when you create, you build your sense of self. Creating builds confidence.
  22. You’re not perfect, be humble and learn from your mistakes.
  23. Often, the person we love the most, receive the worst treatment from us. It’s very understandable – we trust them not to leave us because of our bad behaviors. It’s not fair for them. Learn to express gratitude and improve communication skills in our relationship.
  24. Gratitude is the fuel for positive thinking and the good life. (The law of attraction)
  25. Loving is by giving. The more you invest into your loved one, the more you love and feel loved. (vice versa)
  26. Love is the backbone of success. You never did anything by yourself. Appreciate people who stay by your side and give you tremendous support.
  27. All of us will die someday. Life is short. Is this all worth it?
  28. Find your priority. Know your values. Stay true to them.
  29. Learn new things every day.
  30. A plan is nothing without execution. The next things will be willpower and patience.  Work hard for 3 years, then harvest on 4th, 10th or 15th – I’m not sure, but ‘Deploy Patience’.

It will be on 8th March if you want to send anything to me. I appreciate e-books, self-help courses, lunch/dinners, once-off cleaning/maid service, movie tickets or spa/saloon/facial vouchers, also good wishes and prayers. No physical things (read: clutter) Thank you!

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